SIAMESE CAT Murrini Blown Glass Collectible Figuine Caputred Bubbles Cobalt Blue with Floating Flowers Jellyfish Abstract Colorful Shapes

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This striking piece of original art, hand made mouth blown glass enveloping beautiful murini

Excellent vintage condition
Approximately 4 inches tall

Flameworked murrini which are cut to fit together and then kiln fused. The resulting “plate” is then ground to reveal the intricate patterns inside and then slumped into shape. This process is tedious and time consuming, taking 2 to 4 months to create a finished piece.

Murrine is a cane made by “layering up” hot bits of colored glass, or by fusing together preformed components which are melted in such a way that the various colors join together to create patterns and pictures that are then pulled (like taffy to make the cane smaller in diameter). The end result is an image within the cross section of the glass cane. When the patterned cane is cooled it is cut into slices.

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