Navajo Sand Painting Father Sky & Mother Earth American Indian Sand Art Professionally Framed Matted

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Navajo-crafted Sand Painting featuring the traditional figures of father Sky & Mother Earth who appear in many of the Navajo healing ceremonies.

The Navajo people believe the universe to be delicately balanced. Only man can upset it causing disaster or illness. When this happens a medicine man must restore the natural balance. Balance is restored by healing the offender with chants herbs prayers songs and sand paintings.

The History of Navajo Sand-painting:

This sand painting originates from Navajo healing ceremonies. The medicine man builds a sand painting and places the patient in the middle of it. To aid in the healing process, sand from the sand painting is rubbed over certain parts of the patient's body. When the ceremony is over, the sand painting is destroyed, thereby destroying the illness.

Sandpainting are very detailed and colorful and each figure carries a special meaning. The designs are made up of many subjects familiar to the Navajo people - yeis (yays) of Navajo holy people, rainbows, sacred plants, roots, trees, birds. Colors used in the sandpainting contain every color of the rainbow and are made from many different sources such as colored rocks, roots, flowers, sand, bark, ashes, cactus. For example the colors green and blue can be made from mineral orse red and orange form flower petals, yellow from cornmeal.

Double-matted, with solid Oak Frame.
Excellent vintage near new condition.
Art size: 11.5 x 11.5 inches
Frame Size: 19.5 x 20 inches

Colors may vary from actual due to lighting and monitor settings.
Expect some sand loss as it is normal when shipping sand paintings. All items are very carefully packaged for transport.

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