Industrial Art Antique 1943 HEMPE MANUFACTURING COMPANY Mitre Box Collectible Tool for Dad or Grandpa

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Tool for the handyman collector in your life. In excellent condition beautiful shape, vintage green.

The company supplied it's first miter box to SEARS in 1943.

Miwaukk Wis
NO. 3618 & 3619 MITER BOX

It was 1929 when Harold Hempe opened his woodworking shop which specialized in storms and screen doors. Years later he accompanied his cousin Harry Zeeman, (Founder of Empire Level) on a trip to Chicago where he met with a Sears buyer who was purchasing wooden levels from Zeeman. When asked by the buyer, What can you make for Sears? Harold looked about the office and said, I can make a better miter box for you. These proved to be prophetic words, and in 1943 Hempe supplied its first miter box to Sears.

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