GRANDMAS Icecream ROSEVILLE Ohio R.R.P. Roseville Ransbottom American Country Hand Painted Wheat Motif Spongeware Cobalt Blue Terra Cotta

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Crock-style blue sponge ware bowl from Roseville, Ohio R.R.P. is in like new vintage condition

RRRP, or RRP Roseville, is the mark used by the firm of Robinson-Ransbottom.

The Ransbottom brothers started a pottery in 1900 in Ironspot, Ohio. In 1920, they merged with the Robinson Clay Product Company of Akron, Ohio, to become Robinson-Ransbottom. At the beginning, Robinson-Ransbottom made jardinieres and red flower pots, then expanded into gardenware when it merged with the Robinson Clay Product Company. The factory closed in 2005.

Size: 6.5" across by 4" tall

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