Rolling Pin Grandma's Cookies Pie German Springerle Cookie Tart Pie Carved Wooden Birds Owl Flowers Berries For Baking & Gifts

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German Springerle Cookie Carved Rolling Pin with Fields Birds Flowers and Designs.
This is a wooden carved twelve field Springerle rolling pin.

It is deeply carved with various flowers, birds, humming birds, sparrow, owls, mushrooms and other decorations.

The name Springerle comes from an old German dialect and means "little knight" or "jumping horse." Historians trace these cookies back to the Julfest, a midwinter celebration of pagan Germanic tribes.

Use it to impress friends and family with your incredible baking skills, or as wall art in your vintage kitchen.

It measures 14" total length
12 separate images
Excellent condition, some small cracking to the wood pin.

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