GARTENHAUS Luxury ARCTIC FOX Fur Wrap Shawl Stole w Pockets Thick Soft Luxurious Winter Wedding Accessory Platinum Silver Lining Monogrammed

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A beautiful Vintage White Fox fur stole with pockets with stunning colors of smokey silver grey brown speck tipped outer fur beautiful white silver crystal undertones

Soft, smooth silver lining on the inside. Hook loop closure (not shown)

Monogrammed BSA

The design allows for you to have your hands free - For brides and bridesmaids, this hands free design element is ideal as it allows for them to hold their bouquet and they don't have to worry about the fur falling off as they walk down the aisle or while they are having their wedding photos taken.

This fur is in excellent condition like new. It is soft, supple, and luxurious. The lining is in excellent condition. It is very close to new condition.

16" across
45" long

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