Endre Peter DARVAS Signed Framed Art Winter Indian Village Oxidized Copper Brick Rustic Wood Scene Floating Snow Catalog Print no. 107511

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Windswept snow scene on the plains of an Indian Village by professional artist Endre Peter DARVAS on board, vintage frame. Excellent condition, frame has some minor damage, could be re-framed or kept as a vintage work in it's original frame.

Artist's Biography:
"Expressive painter of Western landscapes in acrylic, born in Kisvarda, Hungary, in 1946 and living in South Lake Tahoe, California, since 1971. "I seldom paint a picture of something. The subject matter is secondary. My primary interest is a mood--a single expressive visual statement. A painting is a thought, an idea executed in paint, expressing a visual language. I learn from nature by looking. I can find a thousand paintings in a clump of dry grass."

After escaping from Hungary during the 1956 revolution, the Darvas family landed in El Paso, Texas. He had his first one-man show at sixteen, but enrolled in the University of Texas on a math and physics scholarship. As art became the strongest influence, he moved to Taos, New Mexico, where he found a compulsive creative atmosphere.

"I am never at a loss as to what to paint once I set to it. There are a rush of ideas, then one of hundreds emerges and brings with it the energy to tackle the toughest task, that of getting started. I am painting something that I know rather than something that I see." His palette contains 40 colors. "Working with a limited palette is like walking with a limp. True, in theory you only need the basics. The theories are mostly about color and light, however, while we painters are stuck with pigment in goo, so it rests essentially on preference. I just happen to prefer every color on the market!"

At 36, he has more than 3,000 paintings in American collections and he has received more than 40 one-man shows. He has now established his winter home in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. Written up in Southest Art, May 1978, he has exhibited at The May Gallery. Verso contains brochure from Reynolds Gallery in Taos and a slide catalogue number. The "mood" he mentions is pervasive in this painting, as well as the experimentation with color. Decorative and easy to live with yet distinctive with the trademark technique of the artist.

Frame is 18.5 x 22.5 inches
Art: 14 x 10.5 inches
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