1987 LEO BLACKHORSE NAVAJO Signed Pottery Vase Native American Indian Art Horseback Indian Sacred Symbols Red Rock Clay Carved Images

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LEO BLACKHORSE specializes in ultra fine etching and two-tone etching, where the artist etches through one layer of paint to reveal the next layer.

Leo was born for the Hashk'aahadzohi' or Yucca Fruit Strung Out On A Line clan and born to the Todachinii or Bitter Water clan.

Native American Navajo
Rider and Symbols Carved into the Face. Signed BLKHORSE NAVAJO 87

Pottery created by Ute and Navajo people in the homeland of the Southwestern United States. The artists do not used guides or stencils to create the patterns.

Excellent vintage condition some light marks - see photos.

6.5" by 6.5"

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