1974 75 76 Mug Set Limited Edition Vende Hero Sacrificial Water Dispenser Vintage Signed Numbered Coffee Mugs in Baby Blue on Footed Base

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Set of 3 - Hero's Sacrificial Water Dispenser Series.
This limited edition series is signed and numbered: 3000 issue cup number 957.
First Edition "The History of Vending - Hero's Sacrificial Water Dispenser"

Copy write 1974
The Vende Company
Made in the USA.

"First Coin Operated vendor Circa 100 BC Designed by Hero of Alexandria"
"The Honor Box Used in English Tavern Circa 1790"
"Automatic Bar in Paris Circa 1891"

Flaws: On the greek cup one very small chip to the rim paint as shown in photo. Cups are in excellent condition like like they have not been used

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